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  • Chest pain patients may proceed to a Major Adverse Cardiac Event (MACE)
  • Sudden adverse cardiac events happen without showing obvious symptoms
  • Current workflow is to manually monitor traditional vital signs
  • There is a need to implement early intervention and intensive monitoring of only at-risk patients to reduce clinical workload


Market Impact

In Singapore, the ED of Singapore General Hospital attends to more than 120,000 patients annually. In the United States, among the 129.8 million patients visits to hospital EDs annually, chest pain is the second leading principal reason for ED visits. In the APAC region with an ageing population, and changing lifestyle, cardiovascular disease is growing rapidly. The worldwide market for cardiac monitoring and diagnostic devices is forecast to grow to $2.3B by 2017 with compound annual growth of 10% in the APAC region.


Technology Description
  • A novel, rapid, real-time, patented Intelligent Cardiac Risk Stratification System (ICRSS) was developed to acquire and process vital signs such as Heart Variability Rate (HRV), 12-lead ECG parameters and vital signs into an intelligent scoring system to predict for the risk of MACE.
  • The set of physiological parameters are collected and analysed using a clinical-based algorithm to accurately and reliably triage cardiac risk, specifically differentiating MACE from other less urgent medical conditions
  • Published data have shown that the ICRSS is better at predicting risk of MACE than Thrombolysis In Myocardial Infarction (TIMI) and Modified Early Warning Score (MEWS), which are the gold standard assessments currently used in clinical settings


Development Status
  • Conducted pilot clinical trial at SGH on 300 patients
  • Start-up formed November 2016
  • Embarked on a 6 month clinical trial to clinically validate the prediction model
  • In talks with KKH and CGH to explore multi-site clinical trial

Current IP Position: National Phase under examination US: 14/773,747, filed 8 Sept 2015

China: 201480024174.X, filed 29 Oct 2015

SG: 11201507172X, granted 21 April 2017

EU: 14713612.1, filed 4 Sept 2015


Future Progress

Seeking to refine algorithm to yield better prediction performance

Seeking further funding opportunities into the start-up and/or collaboration to further enhance the existing system


A/Prof Marcus Ong / SingHealth