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  • Total laryngectomy removes the patient’s voice box.
  • A voice prosthesis is inserted in a later stage in a TEP puncture.
  • Currently there is no device that can accurately measure and insert the voice prosthesis in an in-office procedure, incurring unnecessary cost for the patient and using hospital resources.
  • Patients suffer from bleeding from the puncture site poorly placed TEP and as well as other complications which impact the patients speech intelligibility


Market Impact
  • In 2014, 12630 people were diagnosed with laryngeal cancer, with 3610 deaths in America alone
  • Worldwide, there are approximately 1.1 million new cases of laryngeal cancer patients per year.
Region New cases/year  Existing Laryngectomees
US 12,000 50,000
China 52,000 238,000
India 47,000 215,000
Singapore 211 967
Worldwide 270,000 1,100,000
Technology Description
  • The technology (TEP MAID) aids the measurement and insertion of a voice prosthesis at the time of TEP and allows immediate voice restoration.
  • TEP MAID measures the length of the fistula created for appropriate voice prosthesis selection

  • TEP MAID maintains the fistula opening to enable insertion of the voice prosthesis at time of TEP

TEP MAID is packaged separately for sterility, during surgery, the clinician assembles the device together with the voice prosthesis for immediate use.

TEP MAID is ergonomically designed for use with a single hand, and delivers the prosthesis with minimum discomfort to the patient.


Development Status
  • 8 animal trials completed
  • 4 patient trials completed

  • Results show optimal surgical site condition, prosthesis sizing and placement, minimal discomfort level and patients were able to recover voice function within the same day

Current IP Position: Patent filed
(WO 2016/137399 filed on 1 September 2016)


Future Progress

The team aims to complete clinical trials for the device.

Seeking IP licensing to SME/MNC operating in voice prosthesis field.


Dr Constance Teo / SingHealth