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  • There are many causes for muscle degeneration, such as medical conditions, inactivity and injury.
  • Physical stress would interfere with the mending of tissues which have undergone surgical intervention.
  • Muscle atrophy due to immobilisation is a major compounding factor in the effective recovery and physical rehabilitation post-surgery.
  • Thigh muscle loss negatively impacts upon outcome of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) surgery patients leading to improper regain of original strength or agility.


Market Impact
  • In US alone, outpatient rehabilitation industry accounts for nearly $5 billion of Medicare spending.
  • According to British Orthopaedic Foundation, an estimated 2 million sports injury occur each year in Great Britain, out of which 95% involve soft tissue.
  • Research studies have shown that exposure to PEMFs is a therapeutic tool used for the treatment of several pathologies including osteoarthritis, Parkinson's disease, postsurgical pain and edema, treatment of chronic wounds, and facilitation of vasodilatation and angiogenesis producing direct stimulation to excitable cells including nerve and muscle cells.


Technology Description
  • The technology utilises a PEMF system that can provide an effective way to accelerate muscle recovery.
  • The device is able to provide a uniform electromagnetic field to a muscle area at a magnitude and pulse duration that is the most beneficial to the muscles.
  • Field strengths of 1-1.5milliTesla amplitude applied for 10 minutes provide the best myogenic response.


Development Status
  • Ongoing development of prototype gathering user feedback of the device, functionality tests and verification tests compliant to regulatory submission.

Current IP position: Patent filed: WO2016/178631 A1

Regulatory Classification: This product is classified as Class II under 510k De Novo; class IIa under CE and class B under HSA.


Future Progress

Upon successful in vivo demonstration of this technology’s safety and efficacy, the technology is ideally placed to be further developed through first-in-man trials.

Seeking collaborative technology development with industry partners.


Alfredo Franco-Obregon / National University Hospital System