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  • diganostic TanYorkKiatRheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is the most common chronic inflammatory arthritis. Ultrasound (US) is used for precise disease characterization in RA.
  • Manual acquisition and interpretation is required, leading to rater reliability problems.
  • There is a requirement for objective and efficient interpretation of US images in RA.
  • US image acquisition and interpretation can be more efficiently combined into a single step with corresponding time saving for the operators (including use by clinicians in the busy outpatient settings)


Market Impact
  • RA affects 6.7 million patients in Europe and USA
  • RA direct costs in Europe amount to 14B Euros per year
  • In the SG Burden of Disease Study 2010, RA was featured as a disease with considerable disability
    • RA ranked as the 12th cause of DALY
    • RA ranked 7th in the Years Lost to Disability


Technology Description
  • A system is developed that can receive US joint image(s) and output the inflammation score and a quantitative report through the following:
    • Automatic detection and segmentation of the synovium (measuring its size)
    • Automatic detection and segmentation of the PD signal within the synovium area
    • Utilise the information to quantify joint inflammation
  • The technology is hence more efficient and accurate than manual interpretation of the US images
  • RA patients can be objectively stratified and thus improve RA disease activity monitoring


Development Status
  • 120 images have been obtained and processed to train the algorithm

Current IP position: Provisional patent application filed.


Future Progress

Upon the successful validation of the technology, the team intends to spin out a company to bring the product to market. Investments and/or partnerships are welcome.



Dr Tan York Kiat / SingHealth