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  • diganostic RahulRathakrishnanLack of infrastructure impacts diagnosis and monitoring of neuropsychological diseases
  • Manual and tedious annotation done by certified EEG specialists
  • Shortage of qualified neurologists and certified EEG specialists
  • Lack of validated EEG database in existing commercial software for spike detection
  • Restricted in-situ access to EEG data


Market Impact


  • Prevalence: 55-60 million people worldwide
  • 80% of patients from low and middle income countries
  • Epilepsy-related cost – US$2.6billion/year (USA)

Traumatic Brain Injury

  • 10M people/year worldwide (2.5M in US, 1M in EU)
  • Inadequately prepared health systems to address the associate health outcomes


Technology Description
  • NeuroBrowser (NB), a cloud-based software system addresses the clinical needs associated with EEG interpretation, including (1) remote access, (2) time savings, (3) automation, (4) statistical validation, and (5) clinical validation.
  • Current database of thirty-five thousand spike signatures from 100 epileptic patients is the world’s largest database of expert annotated epileptic spikes
  • Used as training set for the algorithms.
  • Classifier development based on the concept of classifier ensembles and cascades: best for dealing with extreme pattern variability while providing exceptional computational efficiency


Development Status
  • The team has developed a combination of algorithms (machine learning and neural networks) to automate EEG interpretation.
  • The system was trained and tested by applying a 4-fold cross-validation on an annotated database
  • The team is finalising a larger database with Mass General Hospital, Boston, of greater than ninety thousand spikes from over one thousand patients
  • Current IP position: US National Phase patent application filed. Signal processing know how and trade secrets


Future Progress
  • Clinical validation will begin Q1 2018 and scheduled to be completed in Q2 2018
  • The team intends to spin out a company to bring the product to market by Q2 2018. Investments and/or partnerships are welcome.



Dr Rahul Rathakrishnan / National University Health Systems