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No fewer than 230 million major surgeries are performed annually in the world which result in moderate to severe post-surgical pain. Intravenous patient-controlled analgesia with opioids is administered in more than 13 million patients in the United States annually to treat pain. This technique may still lead to poor titration of pain relief resulting in patient suffering. Additionally, opioid delivery is associated with at least a 5% risk of respiratory depression leading to patient morbidity requiring critical care utilization.

The team aims to achieve better and safer pain relief system through the development of a Vital-signs-integrated Patient-assisted Intravenous opioid Analgesia (“VPIA”) Delivery System. This system will allow greater patient safety, better analgesia through personalization and allow remote monitoring during use of patient-controlled analgesia administration of intravenous opioids.

Project Deliverables

A closed-loop opioid delivery system incorporating an intelligent algorithm that takes allows responsive titration of personalized pain relief together with continuous non-invasive physiological monitoring. This system also enables a Wireless connection between patient and a proposed Central Monitoring System through secured and encrypted communication with the hospital system to enable tiered medical and nursing alerts to abnormal patient parameters.

Principal Investigator: Dr SNG Ban Leong

Institution: KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

NHIC Ref: NHIC-I2D-1409017



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