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Mandible defects may result from trauma, inflammatory diseases or upon tumour resection. The gold standard for mandible reconstruction remains to be the microvascular free flap harvested from fibula bone. Despite reported success rates of more than 90%, this strategy and involves vessel anastomosis and shaping of the fibula to fit the contour of the patient’s mandible. This procedure is time-consuming, complex and requires skilled expertise. Furthermore, as the procedure requires two surgery sites, patients require longer hospitalization stay and rehabilitation post-surgery. With the advancement of medical technology over the years, patients now have higher expectations in terms of functionality, aesthetics and quality of healthcare delivered.

This solution involves only one surgery site and eliminates harvest of patient’s own tissues, hence reducing the complexity of the surgery significantly. This approach also eliminates any potential risks of complications such as infection and pain arising at the fibula donor site and associated mobility inconvenience.

This solution will have a significant impact on public health and will provide disruptive value to the field of oral-maxillofacial reconstruction.

Project Deliverables

An off-the-shelf titanium-based endoprosthesis system with a novel modular design for the repair of mandible defects of varying sizes system that can provide a safe, stable and functional reconstruction of the mandible upon segmental resection.

Principal Investigator: Dr GOH Bee Tin

Institution: National Dental Centre Singapore

NHIC Ref: NHIC-I2D-1512087



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