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Appropriate lighting in the surgical theatres is crucial to the outcome of any surgery. While operating theatres are equipped with overhead lights, surgeons still struggle to gain proper visibility when it comes to open deep cavity procedures. Major reasons are because i) shadows are cast as multiple surgical staff bend over the cavity, blocking overhead lights and ii) the cavity may be slanted with a narrow opening and so cannot be illuminated by the vertical overhead lights.

To address this unmet need, we created Lyt:iT: a self-retaining surgical-site lighting solution. It is small, portable, single-use, sterile and can be flexibly positioned within any open deep surgical cavity. It is easy to use and provides sufficient, uniform and consistent “floodlight” to the entire surgical site. It also enables the surgeon to control the brightness required at any stage of the surgery while maintaining a cool and safe external temperature for any chosen intensity.

Project Deliverables

A validated lighting prototype with i) industrial design, ii) packaging design and iii) regulatory testing (performance, biocompatibility, sterilization, EMC etc) so that the product will be ready for production.

Principal Investigator: Dr TAN Ngian Chye

Institution: National Cancer Centre Singapore

NHIC Ref: NHIC-I2D-1503043



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