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Muscle, our largest tissue mass, has evolved to assume a major homeostatic role over whole body maintenance and repair. As muscle uses physical activity to gauge its growth, inactivity causes muscle loss with profound physiological consequences. This technology is a device for delivering pulsed electromagnetic fields to muscle in order to reduce muscle degradation in periods when physical activity is not possible, such as after surgery.

The device provides a uniform electromagnetic field to a muscle area at a magnitude and pulse duration that reproduces the same regenerative, energetic and metabolic responses as physical activity. The duration of use for the device has been optimized for providing the largest therapeutic effect in terms of muscle equality, function and metabolic stability.

Project Deliverables

A commercial-ready product with (i) regulatory compliant data and documentation, (ii) manufacturable design, and (iii) clinical study data to support marketing strategy.

Principal Investigator: Dr Alfredo FRANCO-OBREGON

Institution: National University Health System

NHIC Ref: NHIC-I2D-1506054



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