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Glaucoma is estimated to affect over 100 million people in the world by year 2040, half of which will reside in Asia. In Singapore, the prevalence of glaucoma is reported to be 3.2% with 85% of the study subjects being unaware of their condition.

Currently, diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma uses perimetry (or visual field testing) as one of the primary measures. However, current perimetry methods have three major drawbacks. First more than 40% of baseline perimetry are unreliable because the patient needs to maintain a fixed gaze for up to 6 minutes and coordinate a subjective response with a clicker to light stimuli. Second is the inability to assess loss of peripheral visual fields seen in early-stage glaucoma. Lastly, current perimetry devices can only be used in tertiary care centres as they require a highly trained operator, are bulky and expensive.

Project Deliverables

The team aims to develop a portable functional perimetry prototype with integrated algorithms that objectively & reliably measures visual fields. This will enable autonomous peripheral visual field testing in the community that will assist early detection and management of glaucoma.

Principal Investigator: Dr Victor Koh

Institution: National University Hospital

NHIC Ref: NHIC-I2D-1804195



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