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Funding which supports commercially viable innovation for implementation, adoption



Funding to support development of a clinically significant and commercially viable innovation to accelerate commercialization and eventual implementation and adoption of the innovation to impact and benefit healthcare delivery and patient care



The Principal Investigator must hold a primary appointment in and be under the employment of a public healthcare institution in Singapore.

  • Considerations for project gearing toward clinical adoption:
    • Commercial position: Interest to trial for eventual implementation and adoption cross cluster.
    • Ideally with two or more clusters indicating interest to implement & adoption post pilot (in a letter of support/interest)
    • Approved/Registered or close to regulatory approval or registration; ethics submission or approval (as applicable)
    • Industry partner’s commitment to pilot and implement


Theme (Diagnostics and Monitoring):

Enabling technologies that improve clinical outcome, including preventive intervention, therapeutic interventions, etc.


Funding criteria

Grant applications that emphasise on the following aspects of the project are considered for funding:

  • Well defined unmet healthcare need
  • Clear deployment and product development strategy/roadmap
  • Potential to result in reduced healthcare costs, improved clinical outcome and eventual adoption by the healthcare system.
  • Proven scientific merit with proof-of-concept data in in vitro and/or in vivo research/laboratory models
  • Strong intellectual property position will have an advantage


Funding Quantum

Up to $1Mil^

 ^Quantum reviewed on a Project by Project basis


Funding Duration

12 months, Up to 18 months


Grant call opens

Grant call is open, please note submission deadline

Submission through designated Healthcare Cluster Office

Healthcare Cluster Designated Research/Innovation Office
National Healthcare Group (NHG) NHG Group Research
National University Health System (NUHS) NUHS Research Office
Singapore Health Services (SingHealth) SingHealth Office of Intellectual Property (SHIP)


Anticipated Time Line
Estimated dates
1 Grant Call Closes 4 Sept 2023
2 Invite to full proposal End Oct- Early Nov 2023
3 Evaluation Jan 2024
4 Funding Decision End Jan-Mid Feb 2024


Grant Process

i2A Clinical Innovation amd Adoption Initiative Grant Process

  • All grant applications are evaluated based on the criteria detailed below.
  • LOI template can be downloaded here
  • Only shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit full proposal and pitch to the Evaluation Panel
  • For further queries on this grant, please contact NHIC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


NHIC I2Adopt Evaluation Criteria Considerations
Category Considerations
Background & data
  1. What is the level of maturity? (evidence to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the solution)
  2. Is the clinical gap and clinical workflow clear?
Uniqueness of technology
  1. How is the product /solution better than current options in the market?
  2. What is the market size, competitive landscape, route to market?
Implementation plan & deliverables
  1. Readiness of deployment, has it been deployed or implemented in healthcare system?
  2. Is there intention of support to co-develop and/or trial and/or implement cross-cluster from PHIs?
  3. Does the proposal include coherent, logical product deployment roadmap? Are clear logical methodologies to overcome potential deployment barriers outlined?
  4. Does data from the technology support and de-risk implementation challenges?
Business Considerations
  1. Is there management, stakeholder buy-in and support for adoption?
  2. Is there any co-innovation/co-development potential?
Healthcare impact
  1. Is the clinical need elaborated, evidenced clearly?
  2. Is there clear validated evidence of advantage of the innovation as compared to others? (through cost-savings, increased value, benefits to healthcare)
  3. Is there potential for global commercialization?
Team Composition
  1. Is Project Team experienced in innovation, translation to engage stakeholders for implementation?
  2. Is there commitment and adequate support from industry partner?
Budget Is the budget realistic for the work outlined?


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please refer to our list of FAQs for more information.