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logo I2ICo-development of a healthcare innovation with an industry partner



The scheme is for projects which have successfully completed I2D funding (or equivalent as deemed appropriate by NHIC) and which, in conjunction with an industry partner, require co-development in order for the industry partner to license the technology.

Application to this fund is by NHIC invitation only. Please contact your respective NHIC Cluster Manager for initial assessment of the feasibility of your proposal.

Healthcare Cluster NHIC Cluster Manager
SingHealth Dr Chan Shu Ann, Dr Tan Ee Lim
NHG Dr Michael Ho, Dr Chuah Yon Jin
NUHS Dr Yeow Siang Lin


Funding quantum

This category will provide a funding quantum capped at S$300,000 (inclusive of max. 30% indirect costs) awarded to the host institution.


Funding duration

The funding support is up to 12 months.