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Funding for development of a healthcare innovation to a commercialisable endpoint


This funding is for development of a clinically significant and commercially viable healthcare innovation. The grant application must clearly illustrate the scientific merit, competitive advantage and technical feasibility of the project. Additionally, it must demonstrate potential for translation to a point where the technology would be attractive to an industry partner or follow-on funder.

Funding criteria

Grant applications that emphasise on the following aspects of the project are considered for funding:

  • Well defined unmet healthcare need
  • Proven scientific merit with proof-of-concept data in in vitro and/or in vivo research/laboratory models
  • Strong intellectual property position
  • Detailed development plan highlighting future project work, milestones, endpoints
  • Clear and achievable commercial plan outlining the proposed route to market, competing technologies and potential industry partners
  • Potential to result in reduced healthcare costs, delivering cost-effective treatment or adoption by the healthcare system.
Funding quantum

A funding quantum capped at S$300,000 (inclusive of max. 30% indirect costs) will be awarded to the host institution on a reimbursement basis for expenses incurred by project teams towards the development of proposed technology.

Funding Duration

The funding support is up to 1 year with a maximum possible extension of 6 months (subject to approval by NHIC).


The Principal Investigator must hold a primary appointment in and be under the employment of a public healthcare institution or academic medical school in Singapore. Project teams must have strong clinical representation. Collaborations with industry are encouraged if they strengthen the proposal. All applications are considered based on merit and eligibility is not limited to NMRC-funded research.

Only one re-submission is allowed.

Terms and Conditions

Please see Terms and Conditions governing NHIC grants.

NHIC I2D Grant Call

NHIC I2D grant application is open for submission three times a year.

Submission deadlines for 2023 are:

  • 3 February 2023, Friday, 5pm
  • 2 June 2023, Friday, 5pm
  • 6 October 2023, Friday, 5pm

Important: Applicants are advised to refer to institutional internal deadlines for submission of grant applications.

Each form MUST be endorsed and submitted electronically by the designated Research/Innovation Offices from the respective Healthcare Cluster (as listed in the table below) to the NHIC Grant Secretariat.


 Healthcare Cluster  Designated Research/Innovation Office
 National Healthcare Group (NHG)  NHG Group Research
 National University Health System (NUHS)  NUHS Research Office 
 Singapore Health Services (SingHealth)  SingHealth Office of Intellectual Property (SHIP)
 Duke-NUS Medical School  Duke-NUS Medical School Sponsored Research Department
 Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine  NTU Research Support Office 
 Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine   NUHS Research Office 


NHIC I2D Grant Process

An overview of the grant process is as follows:


All NHIC I2D grant applications are evaluated based on the criteria detailed below.


NHIC I2D Evaluation Criteria

Category Considerations
Background and preliminary data Is there sufficient background to evaluate the scope and nature of the problem?
Is the unmet need clear?
Does the preliminary data support and de-risk further development of the technology?
Has the preliminary data been generated using the technology?
Development plan and deliverables Is the development plan sensible and robust?
Are the deliverables realistic for the timeframe?
Are the deliverables attractive to a commercial partner (or a follow-on funder)?
Is the timeframe for obtaining ethics approvals appropriate?
Uniqueness of technology How is the product/solution better than other options that are currently in use? Better, faster, cheaper?
Healthcare impact Is the expected benefit of this technology clear?
How does the technology fit with current clinical practice/standard of care? Consider clinical adoption, patient benefit.
Commercial potential Is the current IP status clear?
Consider the market size, route to market, competitive landscape.
Team composition Does the team have (or able to access) the necessary competencies in: scientific and technological domains, clinical expertise, business development, where relevant?
Will recruitment of manpower impact project timelines?
Budget Is the budget realistic for the work outlined?

All applicants, regardless of shortlisted or non-shortlisted will be provided feedback.

Only shortlisted applicants are allowed to provide written rebuttal on reviewer feedback and present a 15 minutes’ slide presentation to NHIC Evaluation Panel, comprising of experts from academic, clinical, industry, investments, regulatory and commercial backgrounds. Funding for projects recommended by Evaluation Panel is then subject to approval by the NHIC Oversight Committee.

The maximum timeline from grant application submission to funding decision is 16 weeks per grant call.

For further queries on NHIC I2D grant, please contact NHIC I2D Grant Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..