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NHIC funding schemes

Our three funding streams are for projects which address an unmet healthcare need and have demonstrated ‘proof-of-principle’ supported by experimental data. Each scheme targets different stages of the innovation development pipeline and all proposals for our funding must address intellectual property management, the commercialisation strategy and public health impact of the innovation. Collaborations with industry are encouraged if they strengthen the proposal.

Innovation to Protect (I2P)

This scheme funds expenses to protect patentable innovations with significant healthcare impact and commercial potential. Read more >

Innovation to Develop (I2D)

This funding is for an ambitious, deliverable development plan to take an innovation to a commercialisable endpoint. Read more >

Innovation to Industry (I2I)

The scheme is for projects which have successfully completed I2D funding and which, in conjunction with an industry partner, require co-development in order for the industry partner to license the technology. Read more >

Innovation to Startup (I2S)

This grant funds the development of clinical innovations towards Health and Biomedical Sciences Startups. Read more >

Innovation to Adopt (I2A)

This funding supports commercially viable innovation for implementation and adoption. Read more >