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A Novel 3D-Printed Patient-Specific Immediate Dental Implant

Dental implants provide a reliable, safe and effective solution for a wide range of dental complications and diseases. This makes them an increasingly popular treatment choice for both functional and aesthetic purposes. With the ageing population, the prevalence of dental implants is expected to increase.

The loss or extraction of a tooth – especially from the frontal area – can be a traumatic experience, and many patients opt for immediate dental implants. The advantages of this include reduced soft and hard tissue loss, fewer surgical interventions, shortened overall treatment duration and reduced costs as no bone grafting is required.

However, in some cases, an immediate dental implant is not possible, for example if patients have insufficient bone around the tooth socket, or if vital structures such as the maxillary sinus or inferior dental nerve are located close to the intended implant site. This is because conventional standard-sized dental implants do not fit the shape of the socket exactly, resulting in a lack of intimate contact with surrounding alveolar bone, which is likely to compromise initial implant stability.

A team led by Dr Liu Yuchun from the National Dental Centre Singapore is working on a research project that aims to develop a patient-specific immediate dental implant, to overcome this problem.

Principal Investigator: Liu Yuchun

Institution: National Dental Centre Singapore

NHIC Ref: NHIC-I2D-1712189



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