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Diagnosis and management of neurological disorders relies on visual review of electroencephalogram (EEG) data by specialized physicians. As the duration of EEG recordings ranges from 30 minutes to several weeks, the visual review is time consuming, and accounts for approximately 80% of total cost associated with EEG reading.

NeuroBrowser™ is a cloud-based software system that aids in the expert analysis of EEG measurements. It permits remote viewing of EEG data, reducing the need for doctors or patients to travel for on-site evaluation, as well as incorporating semi-automated tools to facilitate rapid annotation of the waveforms, reducing the time required for each patient’s analysis.

Project Deliverables

The team aims to i) develop high sensitivity and specificity automatic spike detection software, and ii) clinically validate and optimize the software.

Principal Investigator: Dr Rahul Rathakrishnan

Institution: National University Health System

NHIC Ref: NHIC-I2D-1608138



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