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Myopia is a global health burden, with projections predicting that one-third of the world’s population will have myopia by 2020. In Singapore alone, more than 50% of 9 year olds are reported to have myopia, costing the health system more than S$37.5 million annually. Myopia is a complex eye condition, with both genetics and environmental risk factors contributing to its development. Importantly, most of its environmental risk factors are modifiable or can be countered. Current interventions to manage myopia include spectacles, contact lenses and therapeutic managements. However, the problem of myopia is yet to be prevented in an easily implementable, scalable, safe and affordable way.

Plano™, a smart device App developed using evidence-based approaches that influence behavioural change, with a primary focus on preventing, or at least slowing, myopia progression. Plano™ encourages healthy use of smart devices in children, and provides parents or guardians with an easy-to-use parental management tool that empowers positive behavioural change in line with reducing eye and general health risk factors in children.

Project Deliverables

The team aims to develop a convenient, simple-to-use application with multi-language translation on iOS platform that marries both functions of eye-health focused and parental management applications into one.

Principal Investigator: Professor WONG Tien Yin

Institution: Singapore Eye Research Institute

NHIC Ref: NHIC-I2D-1608140



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