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I2P Forms
Document No. Document Title Effective Date
NHIC-I2P-FORM-1 NHIC I2P Patent Support Scheme Application Form 01 Nov 2021
NHIC-I2P-FORM-2 NHIC I2P Invention Disclosure Form 13 Apr 2017
NHIC-I2P-FORM-6 NHIC I2P Reimbursement Claims Form 01 Jan 2022
NHIC-I2P-FORM-7 NHIC I2P Grant Extension Form 01 Jun 2021
I2D Forms
Document No. Document Title Effective Date
NHIC-I2D-FORM-1 NHIC I2D Grant Application Form 01 Jun 2021
NHIC-I2D-FORM-21 NHIC Joint MedTech Grant Project Status Form 01 Jan 2022


I2Start Forms
Document No. Document Title Effective Date
I2S-FORM-1 I2Start Letter of Intent 01 Jun 2021
I2S-FORM-2 Application Form 01 Mar 2021
I2S-FORM-3 Budget Template 01 Jun 2021


NRF Central Gap Fund Forms
Document Title Effective Date
Yearly Project Progress Report 01 April 2021
Final Project Report 01 April 2021
Post-Project Review Report 01 April 2021
Change Request Form 01 Feb 2020
I&E Terms and Conditions 01 April 2021
Guidelines for the Management of Innovation and Enterprise Grants 01 April 2021
Guidelines for Periodic Project Audit and AUP 31 May 2022
Project Drawdown Form NA


General Forms
Document No. Document Title Effective Date
NHIC-GEN-FORM-11 Request for Changes to Research Team 01 Jun 2021
NHIC-GEN-FORM-13 Manpower Listing 01 Mar 2021
NHIC-GEN-FORM-17 Budget Variation Form 01 Mar 2021
NHIC-GEN-FORM-18 Grant Extension Form 01 Mar 2021
NHIC-GEN-FORM-19 Reimbursement Claim Form 01 Jan 2022
NHIC-GEN-FORM-20 Progress Report 01 Mar 2021
NHIC-GEN-FORM-21 Final Project Report 01 Mar 2021
NHIC-GEN-FORM-22 Final Statement of Account 01 Sep 2021
NHIC-GEN-FORM-27 Grant Amendment Form 01 Apr 2021