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Sub project – Transformer Assistive Co-bot (TAC)

Point-to-point patient transfer and mobilizing dependent patients to designated areas for basic activities of daily living is both time and labour intensive, usually requiring at least 2 healthcare workers or caregivers with or without the assistance of overhead or mobile lifting hoists. Incorrect patient handling techniques could lead to caregiver work fatigue and result in back injuries.

The use of healthcare assistive robots can potentially alleviate physical load and reduce labour intensive tasks, as well as reduce the chances of healthcare workers suffering from acute or repetitive injuries related to heavy lifting.

The Transformer Assistive Co Bot (TAC) is conceptually designed to potentially enable 1-2 healthcare workers to perform effective patient transfer in a safe manner from the patient’s bed to a wheelchair or chair with anticipated productivity benefits.


Sub project - Mobile Robotic Balance Assistant (MRBA)

The Mobile Robotic Balance Assistant (MRBA) is designed to administer standing, sit-to-stand and mobile balance control assistance and training, during transfers and ambulation for patients with walking impairments. It is suitable to be used in a variety of level indoor and outdoor environments. This novel solution not only assists patient in mobility tasks but may be deployed to assist them in activities of daily living training.

The MRBA has the potential to be operated in a reduced supervision environment thus contributing to reduced manpower requirements. It could also possibly be used as a rehabilitation robot to increase walking practice under supervision.

Principal Investigator: Dr Chua Sui Geok Karen

Host Institution: Tan Tock Seng Hospital Rehabilitation Centre

SHARP Grant ref: 192 22 00003


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