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Patients presenting with chest pain may have a high risk of acute Major Adverse Cardiac Events (MACE), which could subsequently lead to death. This team has developed a device which acquires and processes ECG signals in real-time, generates HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and 12-lead ECG parameters, and combines these with vital signs into an intelligent scoring system to predict the risk of MACE. This device will allow clinicians to identify chest pain patients who are at high risk of adverse cardiac complications and who would benefit from intensive monitoring and early intervention. To our knowledge, this device will be the world’s first intelligent monitoring system to use integrated parameters and vital signs to predict clinical outcomes of patients who are at risk of MACE. Potential applications are in pre-hospital care, Emergency Departments, Intensive Care Units, hospital wards and or home monitoring.

Project Deliverables

A clinically validated rapid, real-time, portable device incorporating heart rate variability (HRV), 12-lead ECG parameters and vital signs for risk stratification of MACE.

Principal Investigator: Assoc. Professor ONG Eng Hock Marcus

Institution: Singapore General Hospital

NHIC Ref: NHIC-I2D-1409014



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