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Prof Ranga Rama Krishnan

NHIC congratulates Prof Ranga Rama Krishnan, our inaugural and current Chairman, on receiving the 2020 President’s Science and Technology Medal – Singapore’s highest honor. This was awarded due to his significant contributions in advancing Singapore’s health and biomedical sciences research sector.

Prof Krishnan’s efforts in strengthening academic medicine, translational and clinical research, combined with his promotional work in technology transfer and entrepreneurship have not only transformed Singapore’s health and biomedical sciences landscape, but also made impact in establishing our nation as a global healthcare hub. He played an instrumental role in nurturing and recruiting outstanding research talents, who are now creating and developing new healthcare products, services and start-up ventures that will bring these solutions to global markets.

As NHIC’s inaugural and current Chairman, he has helped us build strong partnerships with other government agencies, healthcare institutions and universities. This has allowed NHIC to better support Singapore’s publicly-funded clinical research sector through funding and strategic guidance, to accelerate the development of healthcare innovations into life-saving solutions.

In this manner, Prof Krishnan has played a critical role in boosting Singapore’s economy, as well as improving healthcare delivery and patient care – at a time when it has never been more crucial to our nation and the entire world. We are incredibly proud to have him as our Chairman!