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Our Heritage

Since our formation in 2014, we have accumulated a robust track record in supporting the translation of innovative healthcare research and ideas into commercial enterprises and products that improve patient care and healthcare delivery. From the extensive innovation and enterprise experience we have built over the years, we have strengthened our role and standing as a healthcare innovation centre within the clinical community in Singapore, and have put ourselves in a better position to tackle the growing medical challenges of today and tomorrow. 


Adapting to New Challenges

Over the years, medical innovation has made great strides in advancing healthcare delivery by improving efficiency, increasing productivity and optimising care for patients. Yet, challenges remain, especially in the transition from technological innovations to clinical adoption in a widespread manner while achieving positive health and economic benefits.

We are committed to offering initiatives aimed at nurturing promising healthtech projects by providing necessary resources to bring these innovations towards implementation and adoption across the healthcare institutions in Singapore.

Furthermore, establishing public-private partnerships, especially at the early stages of the healthtech commercialisation journey, is crucial in venture co-creation, technology development, and nurturing of healthtech talent. This collaboration will allow for the identification and support of Singapore’s healthcare objectives, while preparing projects to be ready for future adoption.


Renewing Our Logo and Spirit

Alongside our holistic suite of initiatives, our logo has been transformed to better reflect our drive to improve healthcare for providers, patients and the community as a whole.


The double helix structure stands front and centre, symbolising that healthtech innovation is in our DNA and will always remain an important part of our nature. It also reminds us that healthcare delivery is our top priority throughout the collaboration, putting innovative development as our focus as we see through each project's development process from start to finish.

The chain link represents the various stakeholders involved in this journey, reflecting the importance of the multi-party partnership to translate innovative healthcare research into enterprises and products.

The stethoscope represents medical professionals, past and present, who have played and continue to play an important role in strengthening the healthtech innovation ecosystem in Singapore.

Together, the interconnecting links represent our commitment in bringing great minds and resources together to address growing medical challenges.

The vibrant tone of blue signifies our dedication in reaching for the skies and breaking boundaries in the realm of healthtech innovation; while the orange hue signifies the bright and optimistic future we envision for the healthcare landscape in Singapore. When combined, these two colours symbolise our enthusiasm in connecting the various stages in healthtech innovation with the necessary resources, as we look ahead to the future and power healthcare innovations that improve patient outcome and healthcare delivery.