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National Health Innovation Centre Singapore

The National Health Innovation Centre Singapore provides the publicly-funded clinical research sector of Singapore with translational funding and strategic guidance to accelerate healthcare innovation. Established in 2014, we support the development of innovative technologies and services to improve healthcare delivery and patient care. NHIC funding aims to expedite the translation of an innovation towards a market-ready product.




How we work

The NHIC team members have strong track records in the identification and commercialization of intellectual property from academic, clinical and commercial fields (see Our Team). Our combined expertise and resources will be applied to the evaluation and nurturing of innovations along the commercialization pipeline.

NHIC adds value by adopting an active role in the mentoring of applicants and their respective teams at all stages, from early stage discussions through to the funding of the application and post-award management of projects (including progress against milestones and commercialization).

In addition to funding projects, NHIC brings in specialist consultants to assist with regulatory information, business development and other business activities, as needed by the individual projects.

Through this committed involvement, NHIC aims to positively impact healthcare delivery and patient care.



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