National University Health System – National Health Innovation Centre

Joint MedTech Grant Call 2017


Closing date: 27 January 2017 


The National University Health System – National Health Innovation Centre Joint Medical Technology Grant (NUHS-NHIC Joint MedTech Grant) is jointly supported by NUHS and NHIC to support investigators in their efforts for early-stage projects that address an unmet clinical need and show potential for further development with the next stage of Proof-of-Concept funding.

The aim of this seed funding is to generate data towards obtaining next stage National Medtech grants, of which the NHIC Innovation to Develop (I2D) grant is the preferred first follow-on funding applied for. The end deliverable should be a physical clinical device, diagnostic or health services solution, potentially applicable in NUHS and optimally across other healthcare institutions and/or show potential for patent application.

Selection Process / Evaluation Criteria

The Letter of Intent (LOI) stage is intended to shortlist promising projects for invitation to the Full Proposal stage.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Clear unmet need
  • Feasibility and impact of solution
  • Preliminary proof-of-concept data
  • Clear and achievable development plan highlighting future project work, milestones and endpoints
  • Potential to secure NHIC I2D grant or other national MedTech funding (e.g. Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology [SMART] Innovation Grant), a licensing exit or adoption by the healthcare system
  • Show potential for novel IP
Funding Information

The funding quantum and duration for each project is:

Capped Amount

Maximum Duration
(no IRC provided)

12 months

Note: Indirect research costs, travel and conference costs are not allowable. Extension is capped at 6 months. The PI is responsible for claiming and reimbursing costs incurred by collaborating institutions and industry partners.

Application Criteria
  • The Principal Investigator (PI) must hold a primary appointment in NUHS (i.e. NUH/YLLSoM/FoD/SPH), and salaried by NUH/YLLSoM/FoD/SPH throughout the effective grant period.
  • Only one PI is allowed per application.
  • Co-Investigator (Co-I) need to hold at least an adjunct position in a local public institution.
  • Researchers from overseas institutions or private companies can only participate as Collaborators.
Application Procedure

Applicants are to submit the following hardcopy documents to NUHS Research Office Level 6 or Letterbox #65 at NUHS Tower Block and forward the softcopies to (Attn: Adeline Chan) by 27 January 2017 (Fri), 12pm, Singapore Standard Time.

Shortlisted LOI applicants will be informed to submit the Full Proposal within one month from notice. The outcome of the grant application will be released by end July 2017.

  1. NUHS-NHIC Joint MedTech Letter of Intent Form (in single .doc file without signatures)
  2. Health Research Classification System Form (in .doc or PDF)
  1. NUHS-NHIC Joint MedTech Letter of Intent Form (in original hardcopy duly signed by PI and HOD)
  2. Grant Endorsement Form (NUS or NUH where applicable) (in original hardcopy duly signed by PI and HOD)
  3. For NUSMed PIs who fulfil the following criteria, please also submit this addendum form (in original hardcopy duly signed) together with your application:
    • Expected completion date of research project/programme (31 July 2018) is after the staff’s contract expiry date, and
    • Staff who are on term contract (regardless of tracks i.e. tenure (non-tenured), research and educator); OR Tenured staff whose tenure contract ends within 5 years from the point of application for grants

Note: Please do not staple the hardcopies – use paperclips/binder clips to clip the documents.

Additional Information on Lean LaunchPad (LLP)

PIs and/or teams are strongly encouraged to attend the NUS Enterprise’s entrepreneurial programme, Lean LaunchPad Singapore (LLP).

Details of LLP are as follows:

  • Adapted from the US NSF I-Corps program, the Lean LaunchPad program (LLP) by NUS Enterprise runs for 10 weeks with the aim of helping researchers and aspiring entrepreneurs commercialize their technologies. Teams join with a technology in mind to commercialize, and spend the 10 weeks validating their market potential by conducting interviews. Teams convene weekly to share their key insights and to get feedback from LLP Faculty and industry mentors in refining their go to market strategy. Industry mentors will be paired with teams, bringing in relevant experience and business acumen to aid participants in their customer discovery process.
  • Teams can sign up for LLP for Jan – Mar 2017 or Aug-Oct 2017. Register here

For further enquiries, contact the LLP team here:

Please note
  • The submission of the NUS Grant Endorsement Form or NUH Grant Endorsement Form should reflect where the grant will be parked (if awarded). As a general guideline, the PI should park their grant in the institution where most of the work will be done and/or the department that will provide the admin support/resources.
  • If the proposed study requires bio specimen or tissue banking, please contact Dr Eng Chon Boon ( from the NUHS Tissue Repository. The tissue repository will assist with the bio banking budget. Please visit
  • PIs may refer to the range of services provided by the Investigational Medicine Unit from their website (
  • For projects involving clinical trials, PIs are to comply with the regulations stipulated in the Medicines Act or the Health Products Act (whichever relevant). PIs are to ensure that the necessary budget is included to achieve full compliance. PIs may refer to the budgeting guidelines below.
  • PIs conducting clinical studies in NUH should adhere to the NUH budgeting guidelines when preparing for grant budget. Please visit (http://nuhs-portal/departments/nuhs-corporate-office/nuhs-research-office/clinical-research.html) for the guidelines.
Contact Person

Please contact the following staff if you have any queries:

Miss Adeline Chan Ph: 6772 7698 Email:
Dr Zhuo Jingli Ph: 6772 3716 Email: