Innovation to Startup (I2Start) Pathway

Development of an innovation towards spin out company formation


This funding scheme is to develp an innovation for commercialisation via a spin out company route. The I2Start Pathway brings together two successful grant schemes: NHIC Innovations to Develop (I2D) and SPRING Startup SG Tech, to streamline this funding support.

An I2Start application must must clearly illustrate the technical feasibility of the technology, a defined go-to-market strategy, and demonstrate the potential for translation to a point where the technology would be attractive for spin out formation.

Funding criteria

Funding is considered if the application satisfies the following criteria:

  • Strong intellectual property position
  • Preliminary proof of-concept data in in-vitro and/or in vivo research/laboratory models
  • Detailed development plan highlighting future project work, milestones, endpoints
  • Clear and achievable commercial plan outlining the unmet healthcare need, the proposed spin out structure and competitive landscape

Please note that I2Start pathway does not support the following:

  • incremental or predictable next step in the improvement of existing technology
  • a simple combination of current technologies in a new format
  • setting up of manufacturing lines
  • drugs and biologics discovery/development

Your project should preferably fall under one of the following areas:

  • Life Science Tools
  • Diagnostic and Implantable Systems
  • Medical Device Technology
  • Healthcare IT
Funding quantum

Funded proposals will be awarded NHIC I2D grant, alongside a Letter of Intent from SPRING under their Startup SG Tech grant to support the continuation of the project through the formation of a spin out vehicle.

NHIC I2D funding quantum is capped at S$250,000 (inclusive of max. 20% indirect costs) awarded to the host institution.

Upon successful completion of the I2D phase, the project will transit seamlessly into SPRING Startup SG Tech POC/POV. (To find out more general information about the SPRING Startup SG Tech, please visit Startup SG Tech).

Funding Duration

The NHIC I2D funding support is up to 1 year.


The Principal Investigator must hold a primary appointment in a public hospital/public health institution/national speciality centre/Academic Medical Centre/medical school in Singapore and be salaried by the institution. Project teams must contain strong clinical representation.

For any queries concerning eligibility, please contact the NHIC I2D Grant Secretariat at

Application Guideline

Complete the following documents and submit before the deadlines for NHIC grant calls.

  • Pre-Proposal Application Form (Doc No: NHIC-I2D FORM-4)
  • Pre-Proposal Addendum (Doc No: NHIC-I2D-FORM-4a)
Terms and Conditions

For the Terms and Conditions governing NHIC grants, please see Terms and Conditions.

Grant Call

Closing dates for 2017 are:

  • 7th April 2017
  • 4th August 2017
  • 1st December 2017

Please note that the Research/Innovation office of your respective Healthcare Cluster may have internal deadlines for NHIC grant calls.

I2D-I2Start review period (from pre-proposal submission to Award Letter) is 16 weeks.

Please note that only one application per Principal Investigator can be submitted per grant call. Applications can be resubmitted only once.

Submission details

NHIC I2D Pre-Proposal Applications must be endorsed, signed and submitted electronically by the Research/Innovation Office of your respective Healthcare Cluster to the NHIC Grant Secretariat at