Innovation to Protect (I2P) Scheme

Funding the patent expenses of a validated innovation


This scheme funds expenses to protect patentable innovations with significant healthcare impact and commercial potential.

Funding criteria

Funding for both solely owned and jointly owned innovations is considered if the application satisfies the following criteria:

  • Strong patent position in terms of novelty and inventiveness
  • A work plan detailing further development of the innovation with milestones and endpoints
  • Commercial plan outlining proposed route to market, healthcare impact, competing technologies and potential industry partners

The I2P funding support is applicable for the following patenting stages: First Filing, PCT filing and prosecution, National Phase Entry and prosecution, Grant and Maintenance.

Funding for protection of intellectual property

Funding quantum for eligible applications varies depending on the stage of patenting and ownership of the innovation.

Stage Stage Description Grant Duration (Letter of Award) Grant Quantum (when host institution owns >50% of IP) Grant Quantum (when host institution owns <= 50% of IP)
1 First Filing 6 months $10,000 $5,000
2 PCT 12 months $30,000 $15,000
4 National Phase 12 months $40,000 for 2 territories $20,000 for 2 territories
3,5 Prosecution 12 months $20,000 $10,000
6 Grant & Maintenance 6 months $20,000 $10,000

Please refer to NHIC I2P Grant Application Form for further details on funding quantum and duration.


One of the inventors must hold a primary appointment in a public hospital/public health institution/national speciality centre in Singapore and be salaried by the institution. Project teams must contain strong clinical representation. All applications are subject to a due diligence process by NHIC prior to awarding funding.

For any queries concerning eligibility, please contact the NHIC I2P Grant Secretariat at

Terms and Conditions

For the Terms and Conditions governing NHIC grants, please see Terms and Conditions.

Grant call

This scheme has a rolling application process i.e. applications can be submitted to NHIC at any time.

Submission details

Eligible applications for this scheme should submit the NHIC I2P Grant Application Form along with either their institutions Invention Disclosure Form or NHIC’s Invention Disclosure Form and other supporting documents to NHIC Grant Secretariat at Only applications endorsed and submitted by the Research/Innovation Office of your Healthcare Cluster are accepted by NHIC.

For further information on our process, please see How we work.