plano® — An Empowering Smart Device App Solution for Childhood Myopia

Project Outline

Myopia is a global health burden, with projections suggesting that one-third of the world’s population will have myopia by 2020. In Singapore alone, more than 50% of 9 year olds are reported to have myopia, costing the health system more than S$37.5 million annually. Myopia is a complex eye condition, with both genetics and environmental risk factors contributing to its development.
While there are current interventions to manage myopia such as spectacles, contact lenses and therapeutic management, the problem of myopia is yet to be managed in an easily implementable, scalable, safe and affordable way. The opportunity lies in managing the environmental risk factors, most of which are modifiable, such as excessive near work (eg. device use) and outdoor activity.

Project Outcome

Fresh out of the SERI-SNEC Ophthalmic Technologies Incubator programme and co-funded by the National Health Innovation Centre Singapore, plano has developed a parental management app which aims to promote healthy and safe smart device use in children worldwide, with an eye health focus.

Primarily targeted at parents, plano can be used to keep track of a child’s smart devices use and usage habits. Parents can monitor the frequency and duration of time spent on devices, the apps their children are using, and the distance at which they hold the device. plano also captures important eye related data, such as utilization of optometry care and onset of myopia, and recommends eye tests using a validated framework for eye testing frequency in children. Parents can choose to receive regular reports on their children’s device use, and can also subscribe for recommendations for better device management.

Launched first in Singapore, the plano app can be downloaded for free on the iTunes App Store and on the Google Play Store.

About plano

Founded in 2017, plano is committed to ensuring healthy and safe smart device use in children worldwide. Through a mix of innovative parental management tools, plano has the potential to make major contributions to paediatric health and well-being and ultimately become a leader in smart digital solutions.
plano is a privately held company headquartered in Singapore. For more information, visit

Principal Investigator: Professor WONG Tien Yin

Institution: Singapore Eye Research Institute

NHIC Ref: NHIC-I2D-1608140