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Infection of a wound injury site represents a major problem in wound management. Burn injury wounds is especially susceptible to infections by both resident and hospital-acquired antibiotic resistant pathogens, leading to high morbidity or mortality rates. Each year, there are >300, 000 deaths related to burn injury globally. The economic burden of burn injuries can be significant especially in countries that lack good burn preventive strategies and without effective treatment or care services.

Contemporary management of burn injury may involve early excision and grafting or the use of dressings or skin substitutes, or a combination of the two treatment strategies. Success of treatment is assessed based on survival, functional (wound healing) and aesthetic outcomes. The team aims to develop a wound dressing that will deliver better outcomes for burn injury or wound management strategy. Under an incubator funding prior to this, the team had developed a prototype wound dressing and conducted proof-of-concept study in in vivo models.

Project Deliverables

Under NHIC funding, the team intends to conduct activities that would support application for clinical trial. These include the technology transfer, setup and validation of GMP production line for the manufacturing of wound dressings that can be used in first in man trials.

Principal Investigator: A/ Prof Lakshminarayanan Rajamani

Institution: Singapore Eye Research Institute

NHIC Ref: NHIC-I2D-1712194



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