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Cricoid pressure refers to the finger pressure applied over the cricoid cartilage on the neck during intubation to prevent gastric aspiration into lungs in high-risk patients. Current “feel-based” gold standard practice could result in serious airway obstruction if excessive force is applied above the recommended 30 ~ 44 Newtons range or ineffective protection if inadequate force is applied.

This team will complete the development of a highly conformal pressure sensor to quantify and facilitate real-time delivery of consistent and optimal cricoid pressure during tracheal intubation. This technology significantly improves airway protection and management, patient comfort and procedural compliance.

Project Deliverables

The team has achieved very attractive device characteristics including simplicity in structure, fast response time, scalability in device fabrication, lack of hysteresis with repeated use, high reliability, and low energy consumption. Under this funding, the team will complete the optimization of the device and refine the packaging technology to improve usability.

Principal Investigator: Dr HEE Hwan Ing

Institution: KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

NHIC Ref: NHIC-I2D-1409016



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