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Medication adherence in tuberculosis treatment is critical for patient’s cure, infection control and to minimize development of drug resistance. The current system of Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) involves daily clinic visits by patient for at least 6 months so a healthcare worker can observe the patient take each pill. This is both resource-heavy (both for patient and provider) and seen as inflexible and inconvenient by patients.

The Mobile Interactive Supervised Therapy is an interactive patient-centred system involving smartphone video transmission, notification reminders and streamlined central review. It leverages increasing smartphone penetration, allowing remote implementation of medication adherence with its ease of use.

Project Deliverables

A stable system with i) improved design, usability and ii) integrated features such as cash incentives, face recognition, pill recognition pilot tested with healthy volunteers as well as in select patient groups.

Principal Investigator: Dr James MOLTON

Institution: National University Health System

NHIC Ref: NHIC-I2D-1509082



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